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Name:darcy lewis
Birthdate:May 14
Location:New Mexico, United States of America
Darcy Lewis was the typical divorcee kid. She graduated high school and went to college and had the typical college experiences eventually settling on a Political Science Major.

Of course, there was the issue of prerequisites in order to graduate from her University. She had no science credits.

Darcy hated science.

Now, she wasn't into creationism, she didn't think there was Adam and Eve, nor did she think Jesus and God would be upset for not agreeing with these ideas. Darcy just hated science because she lacked the discipline and attention needed to conduct experiments despite her good scores in math. So when they were seeking a lab assistant for a project in New Mexico for six freaking college credits it seemed to be an answer to her prayers. Of course, she didn't quite expect to be picked. Good scores in math and no interest in science until Junior year? No one would pick her.

Unless if she was the only one who applied.

Enter Jane Foster. Darcy likes Jane a bit, even if she's something for a thorn in Jane's side. Despite Darcy's snark and being a few steps slow, Darcy managed to be of help. She was of great help when a Thundergod fell from the sky. She managed to befriend Thor, who seemed to take to her a bit quicker than Jane did, and managed to help Thor and Jane out a few times during the Thundergod's adventure on Earth. During this period she developed a dislike for SHIELD for stealing her iPod Jane's equipment and the never seen Loki for killing Thor. But she got her iPod back, Thor got better even if he had to go for a while, and SHIELD surprised Jane and Darcy with offers of funding and a job.

Okay, not a job, but an Internship for Darcy. And one that her school agrees with. And one that pays. Darcy's pretty sure SHIELD is trying to keep an eye on them until Thor returns, but she can dig it.

RP Journal; Darcy Lewis is owned by paramount and marvel.
Muse and mun are 18+.
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